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Independent Life Project, like you, has watched a 4 year old purchase an app.  We have had the unfortunate experience of talking to young teenagers who have encountered false identities on the internet.  We have walked through depression, calmed anxiety, taught focus techniques for ADD and ADHD and we have built security, confidence and tolerance in struggling young children and teens.  

So many challenges face our students in today's media driven social arena and Independent Life Project has gone to great lengths to employ and further train experts in that along with all the age old challenges facing kids today. We provide the largest network of support available.  Our services for children utilize our cross support network system; which allows any of our staff to involve any other department available within the Independent Life Project to help a child through his or her challenge.  We maintain very open communication and encourage collaboration with care givers and commit that whatever it takes, Independent Life Project will always have ensure a responsible adult voice is available to them no matter what situation they encounter.   We are not here to replace parents and family but we are here to back you up and help protect and build your children up to being their best, in a safe and successful way.*

Social Media, Texting & Digital Age Issues


Drugs & Alcohol Issues


Anxiety & Depression Issues


Self Image and Physical / Mental Health Issues


ADD, ADHD & Behavioral / Social Issues


Relationship & Peer Pressure Issues

*All support programs for children under the age of 18, per Independent Life Project's policy, are discussed at length with parents / guardians of the children being coached or mentored. We discuss with the parents / guardians their philosophies, religious beliefs and methods in raising their children.  It is not the role of Independent Life Project to reinvent your standards.  We do however work to create a functional mechanism for parents / guardians to communicate with their children such that the children get the help they need even when there is a breakdown at home.  In cases where we discover or strongly suspect, based on our many years of trained experience, that there is abuse, neglect, "self harm" or the endangerment of another occurring during the time we are working with the children, we have an obligation to that child and a responsibility and or legal expectation to report our observations to an appropriate authority. We reserve the reasonable right to determine, on a case by case basis,  to report details of harm of any sort that has been reported as having happened in the past.  Safety and welfare are our number one priority when working with our clients.