Independent Life Project

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Family life is an ever changing, ever challenging, balancing act.  Finding the perfect mix of independence and shared life would require the most carefully crafted family game plan of all time.  Something we understand, but also grasp, may not actually exist.  The good news is there are many tricks to the trade of living a harmonious family life - the only caveat is you have to learn and use them.  

Independent Life Project offers support to families needing that extra training.  We offer counseling and education in every area that comes up in family development or breakdown.  No topic is foreign to us, as we have seen them all.  So, to provide you with exactly what you need, we offer confidential consultations, 24 hour support for certain situations and both adult and child services.

Marriage / Separation / Divorce Counseling

  • Marriage Support
  • Separation Mediation
  • Divorce Counseling / Mediation / Law

Blended Families

  • Adjustment Coaching for Blended Families
  • Adjustment Coaching for Children
  • Step Family Coaching

Abuse & Addiction Counseling

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Support / Coaching
  • Victim's Support / Coaching
  • Physical and Emotional Abuse Support / Coaching
  • Victim's Rights Support

*Services available for Children and Adults

Financial Challenge Support

  • Debt Relief Coaching
  • Bankruptcy Coaching
  • Legal Aid
  • Financial Recovery Coaching
  • Depression / Anxiety Mentoring / Support
  • Marriage Mentoring / Support

LGBT Family Support

  • Marriage & Family Mentoring / Support  
  • Legal Aid

Death & Dying Support

  • Grief Support Groups
  • Estate Management Coaching
  • Last Will and Testament Services
  • Final Arrangements Support
  • Advanced Directive Support