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Today, what you did over the weekend has already been talked about by more than half the people you know before you even fall asleep on Saturday night. We share so much, see so much and know so much more than we ever bargained or even asked for and sometimes it becomes a bit too much.   Life just isn't the same as it used to be and Independent Life Project recognizes it's causing a whole new level of stress, tension, anxiety, pressure, depression and addiction over the things that caused all the same challenges in years past.  

So making it all flow...  Balancing.  Adjusting. Surviving. Finding Happiness.  Having control and not unraveling in the process of trying to manage it, seems to be the universal goal.  Independent Life Project provides text coaches that are available... minute to minute... ready to respond.  You are not a robot we program, you have free will and you ultimately choose your path but our staff will be the sound of reason when you have a question about which way to go.  We meet in person as often as need be and are available via text most hours of the normal day.

Depression / Anxiety / Fear / Self Image


Marriage / Sex / Mediation


Drugs / Alcohol / Physical / Emotional Abuse


All support programs per Independent Life Project's policy, are designed with the goal of sustaining the safety and welfare of our clients and those around them.  In cases where we discover or strongly suspect, based on our many years of trained experience, that there is abuse, neglect, "self harm" or the endangerment of another occurring at the times we are working with a client, we have an obligation to that client and a responsibility and or legal obligation to report our observations to an appropriate authority. We reserve the reasonable right to determine on a case by case basis if we need to or will report details of harm that has been reported as having happened in the past.