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Classes & Certifications

Independent Life Project seeks to help all people find their place in life and create a successful future; but we understand that to get there we often need and benefit from, the camaraderie, support and experience of others who are walking or already have walked the same path as we are.  We are quite aware that not everyone is at the same place at the same time and we've learned that this is actually our greatest good fortune; because we find people who were once lost, become leaders and people who felt all alone find co-pilots. This is precisely why our groups, networks and classes are so sought after by new members.    

Here you can take advantage of our services, become trained and join us to help others by becoming certified in an area you think you would most be able to help others!  

Life Coaching Certification

Life Coaching Certification is offered for professional career coaching, individual social or relationship coaching and breakthrough coaching for both spiritual and physical conquests.  Personal Trainer Life Coach Certifications are also available.

Mentoring Training

Mentor Training is available for both Peer Mentors as well as Adult Mentors.  Upon Completion, you may apply to join the ILP team of Mentors in your area.

Tutor Training

Become a trained Tutor by meshing your natural skills for an given subject which you will teach to another, with the qualities of a mentor. Upon Completion, you may apply to join the ILP team of Tutors in your area.

Expectant Parenting Classes

  • New Parent Introduction Course
  • Breast Feeding Classes
  • Single Parenting Classes
  • Child Birth Classes

Student Programs & Training

  • Peer Tutoring Services
  • Student Mentoring
  • Teen's living with Alcohol / Drug Abusers Suppor
  • Babysitting Bootcamp (Includes CPR / First Aid Training / Certification

Parent Classes

  • Bridging the Digital Divide, a parents class on the social network
  • Connecting with Teens