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Independent Life Project

                                          Where Life's Greatest Journeys Begin

Independent Life Project Services & Courses         

Please visit any area of our company for services you may find helpful to you and your family or friends. Our organization is unique in that once you are participating in one of our program areas, you have priority access to all other areas of service The benefits are; no waiting, no re-acquainting and no more searching. We look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals and thank you for choosing Independent Life Project.

Classes & Certifications

Mentoring / Life Coaching Courses

Training for adults and children including Social Media, Mentoring, Tutoring, and Life Coaching Certification

Peer Mentoring Services

Student Life Coaching

Peer Mentoring matches trained students to work with students at least 4 years younger than the mentor to assist navigating through the social and emotional challenges of today.

Facing Family

Families today are facing challenges of new dimensions with the ever changing face of social norms and social networks. These services cover a wide variety of challenges.

Facing Adults

These services provide for life coaching, mentoring, mediation and support groups.  

Facing Kids

These services provide tutoring, peer counseling, life coaching, mentoring and support groups.

School & College Transitions

Beginning 1st grade all the way to College graduates, these services support students as they make their many transitions at each level of schooling.